NetCarrel provide consultancy services to organisations and individuals in the application of technology to extend and enhance what they do.

We produce and implement bespoke strategies that introduce new technology and best practice to these organisations. Our main focus is currently on e-learning and mobile technologies, but we enjoy a challenge and we’re eager to work with new and exciting technologies in any field.

Wherever possible we prefer to develop open and flexible solutions to problems, in the sense of advocating open source over proprietary software but also by considering the needs of all end users; providing relevant training and support and thoroughly documenting and sharing the outcomes of our programmes and projects with interested third parties.

This approach has led to partnerships and collaborative projects including an artist community outreach programme; the development of a corporate training e-learning system and the continuation of our celebrated work with secondary schools.

Our Services Include

E-learning Strategy and Platform Development

NetCarrel specialise in the use of Moodle as an online learning platform. We have found the flexibility and cost effective nature of Moodle in combination with our training and expertise to be the most effective solution for a wide range of clients. We engage with client staff, key decision makers, end users and system administrators to ensure the implementation of new technology goes smoothly and does not feel like a bolt from the blue. Through consistent communication, consultation and a clarity of purpose we can help clients manage the change that organisations need to embrace with technology development projects.

E-learning Content Development and Design

Whether working from an existing brief, collaborating with a client’s in-house subject matter experts or supporting external pedagogic consultants we have expertise in the design, creation and delivery of engaging e-learning content. We can take an existing curriculum, paper-based training programme and enhance and extend it for online delivery. If clients are just starting to develop an idea for an online training or knowledge delivery system we can also help development from the ground up.

Training & Support Programmes

We have experience in training all sorts of people for our clients. Whether we are working with a senior staff member; learning and development facilitator; teacher; programme manager; instructional designer or ICT administrator we talk to and train people as individuals. We assess knowledge requirements, consider existing technical ability and deliver uncomplicated and relevant training, avoiding condescension and jargon along the way. We can provide this as: -

  • Person to person training sessions.
  • Seminars, as part of an organisation’s development/CPD day or as a dedicated e-learning training event.
  • Facilitated webinars and hosted forum discussions designed to engage online users with the very tools they are learning about.
  • Training presentations.
  • Operation of a drop-in technical surgery, on-site and online. With follow-up sessions as required.
  • Email, telephone or service ticket based troubleshooting and support.
  • Written documentation, online contextual help and demonstration screen-casts.

For many people the introduction of a new technology system can be a radical departure or shift in their workflow. We also offer ancillary ICT training to build confidence in understanding the basics of operating systems and applications; working in an online world and interacting with contemporary web-based platforms such as Moodle. We also offer a more advanced layer of training on relevant development technologies, such as a coding, new media design and Moodle customisation.

Referrals and Collaboration

We also benefit from a strong relationship with trusted collaborators and are keen to make a project successful if the expertise already exists with a client’s in-house team or subject matter experts. Read more about our partnerships.

There are no shortcuts.

All-in-one e-learning and general technology packages are attractive and easy to market. They also rarely perform as well as they are advertised. This can mean a waste of your time and money fixing problems after the fact. NetCarrel asses your needs, create strategy and provide the most appropriate solution to your technology and change management problem. This is as much to do with technical recommendations and implementation as meeting your staff and getting to know your organisation and goals.

If you feel you would benefit from a personalised experience, working with an independent company that considers its reputation above its profit margins, then please read more about our experience and get in contact.